Vajacial  ~60 min

Frequently asked questions

What can a Vajacial help with?

A vajacial has become a post-wax staple for many women and men. Although waxing is one of the best ways to avoid ingrown hairs in the long-term, this unique treatment to the bikini area resurfaces and eliminates those pesky hairs as well. In addition to ingrown hairs, a vajacial can help eliminate or significantly reduce the following skin issues:
• Hyperpigmentation/Dark Spots
• Inflammation
• Scarring/Stretch Marks

Can you get a Vajacial while pregnant?

Yes! There is nothing invasive that occurs during a vajacial, and much like waxing, the topical products used are totally safe for a pregnant woman. For those with extremely sensitive skin, or skin that is not reacting well to pregnancy, we advise you to contact your doctor or esthetician to discuss your options.
Vajacials while pregnant is a great way to relax and feel confident in your bikini area, especially before giving birth! It is recommended not to get a vajacial too close to your due date, however, so plan to get one around a month before you are to give birth for the best results

How long should I wait after waxing to get a Vajacial?

Ideally, you should wait about 10 days after a bikini or Brazilian wax to receive a bikini facial. This amount of time allows the hair growth to form just beneath the skin so that any treatments received that target ingrown hairs can be most effective.
It is certainly a possibility to get a vajacial immediately post-wax, and you should always consult with your esthetician to see what they would recommend. Vajacials that target inflammation and redness are great to get right after a wax to soothe and calm the irritated skin. However, not all types of vajacials are best suited for recently-waxed skin, such as a Salicylic vajacial. The harsher chemical can react poorly with the sensitive skin and result in further redness and/or inflammation.