OxyGeneo Facial  ~60 min

This treatment provides the only 4-in-1 Super Facial. Patented and clinically proven OxyGeneo® technology results in unparalleled skin nourishment & oxygenation, for smoother complexion and younger looking skin. Results are seen after only ONE treatment.


Nano Facial ~45 min

A relaxing treatment painlessly creates hundreds of thousands of superficial microscopic permeations on the surface of the skin. You will see an immediate visible plumpness. Whether we are targeting blemishes, fine lines, uneven skin tone, etc., this facial will provide you with the short and long term improvements your skin needs. We customize every treatment based on age and condition of the skin. This is a fabulous choice for someone who wants a truly corrective treatment without any downtime. It is proven to restore, refresh, and renew the skin.


Customized Signature Facial ~45 min

Facial will add radiance to your skin; you can expect your skin to be more hydrated, fine lines reduced through exfoliation and stimulating the growth of new skin cells.

Deep Cleansing Facial ~60 min

A deep cleansing facial will help smoothen the skin's appearance and reduce he size of your pores. Includes steam, galvanic/high frequency, and/or manual extractions. This facial leaves the skin feeling clean, vibrant, and smooth. 


Express Facial ~30 min​

Performed and customized by a licensed skincare professional to meet the exact skincare needs. This facial corrects small imperfections in the outermost layers of the skin.


Teen Facial ~30 min

Having a hard time getting your teen to cleanse their skin properly? Don't know what products are right for their skin? Hormones and improper hygiene can wreck havoc on a teen's skin. During this facial, your teen will be treated to a deep cleanse to clear pores of debris and learn the proper way to take care of their skin.

Back Facial ~45 min

This treatment cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and moisturizes the back to clear up unwanted breakouts and acne.

Vajacial ~30 min

This treatment treats in - grown hairs, remove dead skin cells, smooths bumps, brightens the skin and helps to maintain healthy, hydrated skin around the bikini line area.


Add On Facial Services

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