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What PDO Thread Lifts Can Do to Your Skin

Do you want firmer, smoother, and wrinkle-free skin? Does your anti-aging cream

seem not to make your skin younger? You might consider surgery in this case, but

a PDO thread lift can do all these things to you without needing an operation. It is

a safe and effective process, but what can it do to your skin?

1. Tightens Sagging Skin—Loose skin can significantly impact your looks. The

PDO thread lift is introduced into the face or neck and then pulled tight to

lift the area giving you a more contoured appearance.

2. Smooth Fine Lines – Wrinkles can be frustrating. With the help of PDO

thread lift, it can reduce fine lines giving you younger-looking skin. It helps

with “lifting” and stimulates collagen, creating stronger and less-wrinkled


3. Removes Turtle Neck – Saggy chin can affect the contour of your face.

Using PDO thread lift can lift the skin under the chin giving you a more

contoured appearance.

4. Lift the Cheeks – Saggy cheeks will make you look older. The PDO threads

are inserted in the areas of your face to create a lifting effect thus making it


5. Collagen Production – Collagen is important in providing strength and

elasticity to stay looking young and have smoother skin. According to some

research, the PDO thread lift stimulates the body to produce more collagen,

hyaluronic acid, and elastin which helps in creating stronger skin.

The PDO thread lift is a non-invasive procedure that is highly recommended with

mild to moderate sagging on the neck and face. Our team here at Flawless Med

Spa is experienced and professional in this practice. We’ll listen to your concern

and provide only the best advice. Schedule a consultation with us about our PDO

thread lift.

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